Hi Marylou,
Well I think that Zoe has pretty much settled in here. Seems like she enjoys being retired down south, where we don't have harsh winters. She's eating very well, sometimes twice a day. When Bonnie comes home from work and gets out of bed in the morning, she prances like a Tennessee Walking Horse, her tail waggles back and forth and she lets out with little barks.
Zoe is definitely a cuddler, whether it on Bonnie's or my lap, or just sitting along side of us on our recliners or couches. She gets very excited when I take her out for a walk with a leash or, when I take her for a little car ride (she really likes looking out the windows), she gets just as excited to be back home as when Bonnie comes home from work.
Bonnie and I would like to thank you again for letting us adopt Zoe. She fits in perfect here with 1 retired fellow and a woman who works 3 - 4 days a week.
Norb & Bonnie