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Ziggy was permanently adopted by Dean and Kelly Marker and their 3 sons of Miamisburg, Ohio. The Markers are so patient in helping Ziggy settle in to his new forever home. He definitely enjoys being the only dog and loves his many daily walks in the doggie-friendly neighborhood. I believe Ziggy found the home that will love him and all his little Yorkie quirks! Dean says they will send more pictures of Ziggy and the whole family... can't wait to see them!

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Ziggy1145 Adopted 3

** Updates 08/07/11 **
Hi Lauren,
Ziggy is doing great so far. He is snuggling up with the kids and seems to enjoy the numerous walks he's been getting. I was surprised Monday morning to find a 12 pound person on my chest licking my face at 5am. Ziggy is making himself right at home. Yes, Ziggy is definitely part of the family.

** Updates 10/10/11 **
I just wanted to give you a quick update; Ziggy is doing fantastic. He is doing great... I can take him outside and he'll stay with me in the yard. I call his name and he comes running back to me. He knows where we keep the treats now and heads right for the treat drawer - he knows that he's doing good, so he needs a treat. He's doing great and thank you so much for taking such good care of him.
Dean Marker