Zander1216 Adopted 1

Our sweet little Zander went to his new home in Springboro last night.
Kim Matt and her daughter, Taylor, met Zander at the last Petco adoption event and he stole their hearts.
Kim said his first night was absolutely perfect - no accidents, no problems with their dachshund Ellie (didn't seem to appreciate new competition for attention) who now is Zander's play buddy and was his normal lover boy sleeping with Taylor. They also have a poodle mix, Claude, who just likes to lay back and watch.

** Updates 3/29/12**
Zander is ABSOLUTELY PERFECT!! He is such a great little dog and we just love him so much!! He is enjoying everything here, he loves to play out in the yard, play with the other dogs, and the kids. He sleeps every night in my daughter's bed with her and is even doing well with potty training! We could not be happier!!
Thanks again for putting us together with our newest family member... we are so grateful! Kim