Reilly (formerly Wrigley)

Wrigley Adopted 1

Wrigley, now called Reilly, has found his forever home in Columbus, OH.
Here are some pictures of him with his new mama, Nora Jones, and his 3 fur-brothers, Quigley (red Cavalier spaniel mix), Emmet (Rat Terrier), and Duffy (Shih Tzu; former PPR dog - Hercules) very hard to get a picture with everyone in.

Wrigley Adopted 2

Wrigley really did well with his introductions and even managed to win over Emmet before I left. Emmet is the most dominant of the dogs but he was finally impressed with Wrigley.

Wrigley Adopted 3

I believe he will be forever happy with this family and I know he will be greatly loved by his new mama. Nora promised to update us soon as to how he is getting along.

Wrigley Adopted 4

** Update 10/04/09 **

Wrigley Adopted 5

Hi. My new name is Reilly. I love that name, especially because I've learned it comes from an Irish name -Ragheallach - which means "gregarious race" and I sure am gregarious!
Just a few months ago I was lost and the county animal control people took me in. Then PPR came to rescue me, naming me Wrigley and placing me with a wonderful foster home. I think PPR named me Wrigley because, when I am excited, my rear end tends to wiggle and squiggle furiously.
I was in foster care for only a few weeks -- long enough to get tutored (or at least that's what I think the vet said) and microchipped (so now I am a bionic doggie). Then two wonderful people from PPR drove in relays to get me to Columbus to meet my forever family for the first time.
I like it here because there are 3 other doggies. One is a 13 year old Cavalier King Charles Spaniel rescue who is very calm -- he is a very good role model for me. Then there is a 7 year old Rat Terrier rescue - he and I are still sorting things out. Finally there is an 8 year old Shih Tzu rescue who also came from PPR -- he and I love to play together even though I'm half his age.
Ooops -- I almost forgot -- the leader of the pack is a person who expects us all to be good lads. She has promised to protect us and keep us safe.
So, I'm pretty darn happy!!!!!

Wrigley Adopted 6