Woody Adopted 1

Woody found his forever home this time. A wonderful couple from New Albany, Bill and Katie Caridas, fell in love with him at the Mutt Mingle and have decided they can't live without him. He will be the only dog, which I'm sure will make him very happy... ...:-), and I know he will be loved and cared for as he should. I told him he had to be a good boy this time to make his foster mama proud!!
** Update 08/21/10 **
Hi Janice and Larry,
We discovered we did not have Woody's favorite toy when we got home on Wednesday. We took him to the doggie store to pick out others. As long as they are furry and squeek, that's all he cares about. He has been a sweetheart! We think he is the perfect dog for us. He's loving and layed back, yet loves to play. Some friends came over yesterday and brought him a big, furry cushion. He loves it.
We keep it in the living room so he can be with us when he is playing on it or just sleeping on it. He sleeps at night in his cage in our bedroom on the bed you gave us. He has never made a sound at night to make us think he was unhappy. We gave him a bath yesterday. We could tell he was used to getting one. No problem at all. Thank you for bringing Woody into our lives. We really love him.
Bill and Katie