Harley Davidson (formerly Willie Wonka)
Hi Tami, Mary Lou & Fred,
I guess that depression was temporary. Now, he is all happy again and bouncing around in the snow. Boy, like you said, he sure loves the snow! He is doing very well and adjusting, even to Woodstock's (the cat) occasional hisses (fewer now) and face slaps.
Bottom line is; we are enjoying him and already feel he is a member of the family.
We gave both him and Woodstock treats at the same time last night to improve proximity. So far, not too bad. I also bought him two simulated "leather jackets" to wear, oh my gosh - adorable. Good thing he is neutered, all the big girl labs at dog obedience school, I am sure, are going to think he is quite hot and studly looking in his leather! You'd think that my husband rode a Harley, but no - his passion is flying planes, but we didn't think: Twin Engine, Turbo prop or Cessna were good names.
Hugs - Joanie (Gary, Woodstock & Harley Davidson)
Hi Marylou and Tammy and all,
Sorry it has taken so long to report on how the former Willy is doing with us in Michigan. Well, he is the prince of the household, having usurped Woodstock the cat as the reigning royalty.
In all seriousness, he has enhanced our lives beyond words.
Each day he delights us with his antics, intelligence, and loyalty.
My husband admits now that he was somewhat skeptical, having been accustomed when his children were young to having large breed dogs, to adopting a smaller toy type breed. Well, not anymore; they are great buddies and spend every morning together playing and hanging out during morning coffee, while I - who had promised he would be my responsibility - sleep in only to be eventually greeted by my husband smiling with a cup of coffee, and Harley - all excited to "tell" me about his morning play time with his guy buddy.
I will send a picture asap and write up Harley's story too. Just recently, I have also found a wonderful lady who loves babysitting him in her home so we don't have to board him at a kennel as he has a lot of separation anxiety at a kennel. He gets car sick; otherwise, we would take him on vacations with us, too.
He really enjoys, however, going on the pontoon to visit his Sheltie friend - Ellie- who lives across the lake.
Right now he is sleeping in our office in his bed while we are at the computers - much the same as he always did at your daughter's home.
We are so happy to have adopted this little boy who has become a perfect addition to our home and lives. However, Woodstock the cat is still barely tolerant - thank goodness she has no claws. Thanks again for choosing us to adopt him and for your group's efforts at rescuing a wonderful little guy. Thank you also for the photos you sent from adoption day and welcoming us into your home.
Just last night, by the way, my husband said, "Goodnight Harley" as my husband was going to bed early. Harley jumped off the couch where he was cuddled with me while I read, and ran downstairs and went in his crate to " go to bed."
We did not teach him "goodnight" - he figured it out on his own!!!
He is so incredibly cute; everyone who sees him thinks he is adorable. My best friend dislikes dogs-,but adores Harley and holds him and plays with him, which is totally out of character for her. She said that she has never seen such a sweet little guy like him before!
I promise to do the pics and stories asap. Joanie
**Update 1/19/11**

Willie Wonka HT  1

Here is more of an update on Harley. I just read our previous Happy Tails (Tales), and Gary and I both laughed about having found a sitter because of trips and car riding.  Gary had to undergo treatment for prostate cancer last spring and we chose to go to Jacksonville, Florida and to live there for the 8 1/2 weeks of treatment (which is a wonderful program). Of course, Gary said he wasn't going ANYWHERE that long without HIS dog. So, we hunted and hunted until we found two condo owners willing to accept Harley. He was perfect riding all the way to Florida!!! Gary constructed a bed between us up high, so Harley was able to see out and get the air vent blowing on him while still attached to his seat belt safety vest. He rode all the way without any problems whatsoever!!! He loved the morning beach walks in the sand on the ocean as the second condo we stayed in was yards from the ocean. 

Willie Wonka HT  2

We also entered him in a Yappy Hour Dog Dress Up contest in Jacksonville, which had three winners and which is put on to raise money for the humane society. Out of 38 entries, Harley won third place dressed as Elvis. I believe he would've won first, but just as he was turning in front of the judges, having been tolerant of his outfit for over an hour, he tossed his glasses and took off his outfit, although it was hilarious, too.  It was good, however, that he did not take first as he would've had to attend monthly Yappy Hours, and living in Michigan, he would've had to abdicate. 

Willie Wonka HT  3

Not only does he love riding in the car no matter how long our vacations are, as well as loving the pontoon boat, but he also accompanies Gary now in our Cessna plane as co-pilot. I hate flying, so he goes with Gary and seems to enjoy looking out the window and doesn't mind turbulence at all.  As I have told you, he is the light of our lives. See the attached pics. Obviously, the second one is his Yappy Hour win. The third is flying in the Cessna.

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