Willie Adopted 1

You wonder how a senior gentleman from Lake George, NY can find a homeless dog in Beavercreek, Ohio - there is someone watching above because it happened!
This was a joyous meeting, Robert Kyer and two friends drove for over 12 hours in the rain and fog to make it here to pick up his Willie. It was love at first sight - and Willie seemed to know that this was his new daddy. We probably will never recognize Willie ever again - because he'll be so spoiled. So now, Mr. Willie will be a New Yorker.

Willie Adopted 2

PPR wants to thank Russ for doing all the coordinating on this adoption. This was the first one from the group that Russ, Nicole, & Janice picked up down in Southern Ohio.
Russ and Mr. Kyer have become good friends and we all plan to keep in contact. Mr. Kyer is very happy with the work that we all are doing and pledges to be a true supporter of PPR. He wanted us to thank all our members for doing what you do because you are angels.
Have a good life - Willie.
Linda K.

Willie Adopted 3

just a few pictures so you can see how much fun Willie and my pug Winston had today. They played together for one and half hours and played wonderfully together, The dynamic duo!! It is almost the first dog that Winston has had to play with that is his size. My daughter has a Bernese Mountain dog and he is the size of a mountain and is afraid of Winston!!

Willie Update 1

What a very nice dog Willie is. Thank you for all you have done, my father looks 8 years younger and very happy with his little boy. We will keep in touch.
Judy Jackson

Willie Update 2

**Update 12/19/08**

Willie Update 3

Hi Russ,
here are a few pictures of Willie. Hope you have great Holidays.

Willie Update 4

Judy Jackson

Willie Update 5