Willie Adopted 1

Willie's new family came yesterday to take him to his (hopefully!) forever home. He was adopted by Kris and Kelly Doran and their two children, Chad and Brenna, of Camden, Ohio. Since he'll be an only dog, I'm confident Chad and Brenna will soon be his new playmates. Willie will also have tons of space to run around and play in their huge yard! Thank you to the Doran family for opening up your hearts and home to a such special rescue pup! Willie will certainly be missed in our home... Lauren

Willie Adopted 2

** Updates 07/08/11 **
Lauren & Chris,
Willie is doing great. He was perfect on the way home. He laid in the back seat almost the whole way home. He had a good time walking around outside with the kids. He really warmed up this evening and was playing with his rope toy acting silly and running around. He's perfect !!
Hope you are feeling a little less sad...

** Updates 07/28/11 **
Hi !!
Willie is doing great. He really seems to have taken to me so he and I are pretty close. He is getting used to the kids running and playing.
He went to the vet and they said everything seemed good. We got his flea/tick and heart worm preventative and he will go in Sept. for I think more shots.

** Updates 10/11/11 **
Hey Lauren !
Willie is doing great !! As of his last vet visit he weighs 8 lbs. We got his hair trimmed a couple of weeks ago and it was way shorter than I wanted but it's looking a little better now. I told the lady to leave it kind of shaggy looking but it didn't look so good. Any secrets on what I should tell the groomer? He looked good after you guys had him trimmed.
I was going to email you last week but didn't get time. The funniest thing happened. I was in my room getting dressed and the tv was on and of course Willie was by my side. A doorbell rang on the tv and Willie started barking and ran to the door. The funny part is, we don't have a doorbell ! He must remember the doorbell from your house. I'm way behind on my pictures so I'll try to email you some of him.
Thanks for checking in on him! Kris