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Hi Janice,
Just wanted to let you know Brady had a great first day and night at home!
His playful side showed up around 8pm...he had a burst of energy and played ball for a long time. He is learning to fetch and bring it back very fast! Brady only whined once we all went to bed for about 5 minutes, not too bad for the first night in a new home! He slept through the night in his kennel in the laundry room!!!! He is eating fine also, dinner and breakfast no problem! And no potty issues as of yet! (We are taking him out often) I will send you some pictures and keep you guys updated, thanks again for bringing our new family member home to us!
Thanks again,
Laura Sears
** Updates 02/20/11 **
Hi Janice,
Hope you are doing well!
It has been one year now that we brought Brady into our home and family!  Just wanted to thank you again, he has been a great addition to the family and is doing so well here.  We really enjoy him and he is such a wonderful dog.  Our family and friends are always surprised at what a good boy he is.  Brady loves his walks and playing with the kids outside but loves to be right by my side in the kitchen! I attached a photo for you of Brady with the kids!

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Have a great day, Laura Sears