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I am pleased to announce that Wickett was adopted this morning by Cindy Markwell and family of Union Ohio! They are thrilled to have him and she is at home all day so he will have lots of attention and love! They had spent yesterday at the pet store buying him a crate, bed, toys, quality food, and treats. I know he will be very happy with them.

** Updates 07/28/13**
Hi Tracy! Tommie[Aaron]wanted to give Wickett a new name. His new name is Rosco. Everything is going great! He has only peed in the house twice - and that was yesterday. He's been doing his #2 outside, as well as #1. Right now he is laying under my feet at the computer desk. He has taken over the couch as well as the house. I think he and the female dog next door are in love. They're so cute. They run back and forth along the fence and look for the other one to come out to play. I think Rosco is adjusting very well. He sits next to me on the couch and loves having his neck rubbed [like you said].

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