Good Morning Ladies!
I wanted to update you on our Wally the wonder dog. He's a very fun little guy. Loves the back yard, loves to play and by the way he's claimed the furniture, you'd think he's lived there all his life! Even without his other little puppy buddies he's still hiding biscuits all over the house. When I left this morning he was hiding one under one of the pillows on the bed.
Over the weekend, I would leave the house on very short little trips to get him prepared for when I went to work on Monday. He has done well in the house so far but by the welcome I get when I return home you'd think I'd been gone for a month. I'm sure it's just a trust issue and getting used to a new routine for him and that he'll realize in a short time that I always come home to him.
Tonight we're making a trip to the pet store to get him a new jacket and winter coat because the ones I already have are too big for him. I can't wait to see him modeling his new attire. I'm so glad you felt we were a good match because I already love him very much and can't imagine being without him.
Thanks so much!

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