Tyson was adopted to Beverely Weingarten of Macomb Twp, Michigan. He's going to be a happy, spoiled, and well-loved pup!

** Updates 4/7/12**
Tyson is wonderful, he is the best dog. I have never seen such a good dog. He is so well behaved and so lovable. We went to visit my sister this evening and she has a 3 year yappy Yorkie who we introduced each other to in the front yard and Tyson was such a gentleman, he never barked and Bella barked her head off... we went inside and Bella the Yorkie was very jealous and Tyson even went inside her crate and Bella was mortified that another dog would go into her crate and sniff around. It was great, they ended up being friendly but Tyson was just terrific.
He has brought me and Pat such joy and happiness. I can't thank you enough for making this adoption happen, we just love him. We take him for 2 walks a day and he seems to like the walks. He slept with me last night. I woke up at 8:30 and he was still sleeping - woke him up, took him out, fed him and then we went for a 1/8 mile walk around the condos.
Again, thank you and your family as you were good to him and I'll be good to him also as we want this to be his "forever home."
He is going to the vet next week and going to then get his dog license.
Happy Easter and may your family be Blessed for taking in this beautiful animal and getting him to us.

** Updated Pictures 1/4/13**

Tyson1218 Adopted 1

Tyson1218 Adopted 2

Tyson1218 Adopted 3