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Tucker went to his new home with an AWESOME family. He will have 3 little girls to play with and they are all wonderful and were good with him. The youngest, only 3, knew exactly how to interact with him. Mom works from home so he won't be home alone much and they are really looking forward to taking him with them to all the girls' events. Tucker is one lucky puppy!!

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Tucker has found his fabulous forever home with the Eric & Shannon Ford family of the Cincinnati area. Here he is pictured with is human sisters, Sophia, Jullianne & Ellie. He is going to be one spoiled and loved puppy!!!

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** Updates 12/13/10 **
Tucker is everything that we have expected and more! He is the sweetest tempered and loving dog. Our entire family is in total disbelief that Tucker did not work out with his original family. We are truly blessed to have found your organization and Tucker. Here are a couple of pictures from his first days. Tucker visited his new friends Charlie (aka – Chuck) and Rosie “The Red”. He also made a shopping trip to Petsmart to meet Santa and pick-up some dog food, brushes and jackets. Tucker is making his first vet visit on Wednesday morning.

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Eric and I were not prepared for the love we were bringing into our home. We knew our girls would adore him, but neither of us were ready for how we would love him. Wow. He has been wonderful. He has blended great with our family. We feel so blessed and my girls have said several times "he is the best Christmas gift ever". I don't know that we could ever thank you enough. I am at a work party right now... Or else I would send the hundreds of photos! Those will follow! :) Thank you so much for making our holiday so special!

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Much love! Shannon Ford
** Updates 12/26/10 **
Janice, Tucker wanted to wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! We can’t thank Puppy Pals Rescue enough for providing such a joy to our family. He has visited the vet and groomers in his short 2 weeks with us. He is healthy and pretty and just perfect! We truly can’t imagine a better addition to our family. We are all so in love with him and feel like he was definitely the best Christmas gift ever! Thank you all again for the wonderful work you do and thank you for making our holiday so bright!
Merry Christmas, The Ford Family – Eric, Shannon, Julianne, Ellie, Sophia and Tucker

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** Updates 2/9/11 **

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Hello!  Sorry for the delay in updates!  Tucker is one happy, growing puppy!  We are all soooo in love with him.  He has had a good winter thus far and for the most part is a perfect little puppy!  He is going through normal puppy growing pains… chewing, stealing items and etc., but nothing we would not expect from a six month old little guy.  The girls are really good about taking him on walks weather permitting and he tends to join us on many of our daily transports.  He might be a little spoiled on always having company…but still goes in his crate without any problems and sleeps in it at night as well.  We really couldn’t love him more.  We feel like he was always meant to be a Ford.  He has plenty of dog friends and seems to enjoy his little life with us!  Again, we could never thank you enough.

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As far as his upcoming surgery goes… we had him in the vet’s office last week for an ear infection and they told us it would only take a days notice to schedule his procedure.  They told us to wait until he was six months exactly and then make the appointment.  Yesterday, he was six months as you know.  A few days ago my husband was on your website and noticed a link to a new spay/neutering clinic in Dayton.  He called and spoke with them about the procedure and he has him scheduled for Monday morning. We are excited to officially make Tucker ours! 

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Love, Shannon