Travis1105 Adopted 1

It's with both sadness and joy that I adopted Travis to Shelby Chapman today.
Both Shelby and Travis fell in love with each other immediately.
Travis will now be a resident of Columbus, Oh. living in a beautiful 4 bedroom home with a large fenced in yard to run around. He also has a work at home mom so will get lots of personal attention!

** Updates 09/06/13**
Dear Foster Mom and Dad and Minnie and the big guy (who’s breath sometimes smells like poop),
Well, I’m in this new place with this lady and she tells me that she is my new Mommy and this is my forever home. The house is fun and I get to explore as much as I want. I know you won’t believe this, but I can actually go down the one step into the family room. But, Mommy said she will get me a ramp anyway.
The back yard is my favorite place, other than my new spot on the couch in the family room. I tried to chase a squirrel and then I tried to eat some bread, but Mommy said that the bread was for the birds, so I only ate one piece. It was chewy and then it was soft but good. There is so much to explore in the back yard and Mommy came with me every time except once. I came back as soon as I was finished seeing what everything smelled like. It’s Piney and good.
I met the new neighbor next door. His name is Dan and he lives with his roommate. Both went to Mommy’s High School in Delaware but he graduated a looooong time after Mommy. He said 2006 and Mommy laughed because she graduated in 1981. I laughed too. Both also graduated from Ohio Wesleyan in Delaware, Ohio. But back to me... I also met a lot of old neighbors when me and Mommy went for a walk around the block. I don’t know why they call it a block because it’s not square and Mommy says it’s 3/4th of a mile. I wiggled my head and butt the whole way because I was so happy. Wow, another great adventure. Did I mention that everyone says I’m cute?
Then we went to this place called Home Depot and I got to ride in the cart. Mommy said if she had a dollar for every time someone said “He’s sooooo cute” and gave me a rub, she would have at least $10.00. I don’t know what $10.00 i,s but Mommy seems really happy about it so I guess that is good.
Well, that was my first day here and I’m sure I will keep you posted because Mommy says I can write whenever I want. Tomorrow we are going to this place called Gooddale Park and going to a doggie bakery. Mommy says they have special treats just for me. Don’t tell her I told you this, but she calls them “Treat treats” - giggles. She’s really funny. Having a blast!
Love you, Travis

Travis1105 Adopted 3

Travis' first day on his new couch!

Travis1105 Adopted 2

Feeling "at home"!

** Updates 09/10/13**
Travis' new mom called today and we talked for about 30 minutes.
He's had one very little peeing accident (no bellyband), loves car rides, shopping at Lowes etc, walks perfectly on his leash, loves all the neighbors and their pups, chases squirrels in the yard, loves laying on the couch with his mom and sleeps in her bed.
Sounds like life is good for him.

** Updates 05/14/15**
For those of you who never met Travis, he came to PPR as a complete mess. Bad ears, could not stop peeing, what seemed to be a neck injury, messed up eyes, and couldn't walk on the kitchen floor.
We had Travis for 2 years and became quite a joy. Especially when after being here 6-8 months, he discovered how to run outside, butt a-swingin'. Shelby, from Columbus, fell in love with him and takes him pretty much everywhere. I understand one of his favorite things is to ride in the shopping cart.
Below is an update and a few new pictures.
It looks like he now has a four legged buddy.

I hope these pictures find you and you know how blessed I am to have my Travis! Thank you! We are all doing very well!!
Sincerely, Shelby Chapman... Proud Mommy

Travis1105 Adopted 5

Extreme cuteness!

Travis1105 Adopted 6

Travis likes to lay down in the stroller while Kissy Ann Marie is being a show off!

Travis1105 Adopted 4

Travis1105 Adopted 7

"Kissy is such a ham..." says Travis!