Noodle (formerly Toto)

Toto Adopted 1

Hi Linda
Hope you had a great Halloween! We did. I wanted to give you a quick update: Noodle has been micro chipped and he has adjusted very well to being the king of the household. Still such a snuggler and lover. We discovered that he does not like baths, which is funny because I read that poodles usually love water, but maybe we'll see next summer that he really does like water - just not baths!! We no longer have to rely on the belly band - except if we go to someone else's house, but that is rare.

Toto Adopted 2

We also let him roam free in selected areas during the day when we are at work so he's not cooped up in his crate. He also has taken to sleeping in our bed at night rather than the crate - he is such a snuggler and doesn't like to be left out! I also wanted to share you some recent pics of him and let you know that we love and enjoy him thoroughly!! We still have to tend to his eye, and it seems to be managing. We now use drops that the vet prescribed him. He is going to get a dental in a few weeks and I think they might have to pull some teeth, but whatever it takes to keep him healthy.
Thanks for everything!
Heather Miller

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