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Tootsie has been adopted by John and Debbie Bickett of Xenia. Here she is with her doggie cousin, Cinnamon, who is also a rescue dog. She is one spoiled pup in this family and is loved to pieces. Thanks to Mary & Sarah for their help in making this adoption happen.

** Updates 09/18/11 **
Hello Janice,
Just wanted to say that Tootsie is doing great! We have been to the vet - got a booster shot, have worm medicine and tick and flea medicine. She has lost a little weight and is going to get weighed at the end of August. She is still on the green bean diet. She likes to play ball. She is giving both me and John so much love! Thanks again for all of your help in making this work for all of us.
Deb Bickett

** Updates 09/23/11 **
Hello Janice,
Tootsie is doing great. She has lost a 1lb. and she has really helped me de-stress. I can't wait to go home to see her and hate to leave her in the morning. I just can't imagine life with out her. My husband is totally enamoured of her and is always sending pictures to our family of her.
Attached is her latest picture.
Debbie Bickett

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