Well, just to let you know Tootsie is adjusting nicely. I am almost sure she is part Jack Russell. She is quick, smart and her nose is always down to the ground. When she picks up a scent she goes nuts and barks, letting us know she found something. She is eating great and sleeping like a baby.

We are considering Obedience School, there will be an Open House soon at Cherry Valley. She is a love dog also.
Well, enough for now. Thank you so much.
Ann and Joe Deevey

Just a note to keep you up to date on Tootsie... All know who she is and the children love to pet her, she is her Daddy's baby. When it is bedtime I chuckle, Joe walks over to her as she lays in her chair, kneels down, kisses her gently on the nose and raises her into his arms. He brings her to me for a goodnite kiss and off she goes to bed...  Yes!! to bed...  We don't hear or see of her til 7:30 am when her collars are placed on her neck and she is ready to roll.
No potty problems, no begging, no nastiness. She does get a little kookie when there are passers-by or sales people at the door. We bought her a winter coat and she loves it.
Lots of kisses all the time. Thank you again and again.
Ann and Joe