Tommy1120 Adopted 1

Just wanted to let you all know that Tommy Boy has finally found his forever home. He will be living with Juli & Doug Smith and their teenagers along with their other dog, Gizmo, a male Papillion. Debra Russell was kind enough to finalize the adoption and take this picture of Tommy with his new mama, Juli Smith.
Thanks again, Deb!! This has certainly been a team effort. Please read Debra's email below............sounds like this is a perfect match for Tommy Boy.
Hi Janice
I got to meet Tommy & he was just adorable. He kept going in & out the doggy door to the back yard. He was having so much fun running around the yard with their other dog. They are getting along just great. Juli said he likes to chase the birds. Their other dog was depressed because of loosing another dog. But she said the Tommy really brought him back to life. They are getting along great. He has his own chair by the window so he can sit & watch the bird. Then when it gets dark Juli said that is where he goes to sleep. They are just thrilled with him.