Toby II

Toby II Adopted 1

Here is Toby II with his new family Nancy & John Stinson of Albany, OH. Toby is going to be living on a 10+ acre ranch with horses and lots of animals.
Nancy is planning on taking long walks with Toby to take some of his extra pounds off.
I have no doubt he's spoiled by now...
Linda K.
** Update 02/08/09 **

Toby II Adopted 2

Hi linda,
Sorry it's taken so long to send pictures of Toby. He's had a busy 2 weeks. He's been to my vet for his vet check and also teeth cleaning. They had to remove 5 teeth so his mouth is a little sore, but he's on soft food (for now) and eating just fine.
He also went to the groomers and as you can see became a handsome boy. He passed inspection at both places with flying colors.

Toby II Adopted 3

As you can see in the third picture, he gets along with our cats - he ignores them. He's not sure about the horse yet and has to bark at him. He likes his walks and is ready to rest when we get back to the house.
We've left him alone (with music on) for several hours and he's had no problems bathroom wise or other. The comment made by those who have met Toby is that he has really taken to me and he and John are getting along real well. Guess he's a keeper.
Thanks for your help in our acquiring Toby,

Toby II Adopted 4