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Good News ...... Toby has found his forever home with a new Momma - Marie Dzuris who lives in Dayton, Ohio. Toby is the only dog and will be one spoiled yorkie boy! We think he's in the right home - being the only dog where he will get all the attention. His mom is a school teacher and does some traveling and needed a companion. Marie found the perfect dog!

** Updates 09/29/10 **

Toby1078 Adopted 2

Toby is doing great - sitting in my lap as I type this. :-) He is happy to be in my lap, on the pillow bed, or on my bed. When he is outside, he acts like he is a big dog - barking at everything. :-) I was gone for about 2 hrs today. He did fine and was happy to see me when I got home. I did take him for a short ride in the car and he wasn't happy about that. He whined and cried and wanted to be all over me. We will try again later. Thank you for taking such good care of him. Marie

** Updates 03/19/11 **
Hi Russ,
Just wanted to update you on Toby. He has settled in and is doing awesome. He loves being outside - I will finish my fence as soon as the weather is better. All my friends love him. My students are happy babysitters when I am out of town. He loves to sleep in my lap, He lets me know when its time to go to bed by knocking my cell phone away and stepping on the computer:-) Here are some new pics. The one in the rocking chair is after a long walk. He has also become quite the Buckeye and UK fan!

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** Updates 12/30/11**
Hi Russ,
One year ago today you brought Toby to me and he became part of my family. Just wanted to thank you again. We are both so happy. Here are some new pictures. Any time you are in the area, you should stop in to see him. Have a Happy New Year!!!
Marie and Toby

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** Updates 11/24/12**
Hi Russ,
Just wanted to wish all of you a Happy Thanksgiving and send you Toby's Thanksgiving pictures. :-) How is Peanut doing? Hope you had a great holiday.