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Titus has been adopted by PPR member Tracy Clare and her husband Mike! He now lives in Oakwood, Ohio with his new parents and two new furbrothers - Max (also a PPR rescue pup Yorkie) and Marvin. He is as happy as can be!!

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** Updates 01/08/12**
Quick note for Titus after spending the evening here. He is a wonderful little guy... still a bit unsure of what is happening and why he is in a new place. He is fine with Max and Marvin, and the neighbor brought Dutchess and Coco over last night and all five dogs lounged around while we visited. When I am up and moving around, Titus is a little shadow and he watches everything! He seems fine with the food here and does let me know when he needs to potty. I am sure over the next day or two we will begin to see more personality, as of right now the only noise I have heard is a little snore while he sleeps. Last night Max and Titus slept in bed with us. When I woke up this morning, Titus was up by my shoulder snuggling and Max was snuggled up by my waist.
I will say this. Being snuggled by two Yorkies has got to be the greatest thing EVER!

** Updates 01/20/12**
Titus is doing very well. He is still feeling his way here. But... we are finally getting to see some of his personality. He watches everything, and learns fast! I genuinely enjoy having him here. He and Max get along very well. It is nice to know they get along so well! He has also picked his "spot" on the couch. He sleeps on the pillow up on the arm of the couch. That is where he lays his squeaky toy too!

** Updates 04/13/12**

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So, I am here at the Clare house... and can I just say I am pretty relaxed. Just look at me all laid back. I have a great time going for walks with Max and Marvin... I even went geocaching with everyone in John Bryon State Park. I walked everywhere, but my brother Max had to finally hop into his sack - he was pooped. Thanks for letting me come here. They give me love and let me snuggle in bed!

** Updates 12/29/12**

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He loves the snow... who knew??!!

** Updates 1/13/15**
Mike took a couple of great photos of the boys. Max is thirteen now and still as sweet and loving as ever. His back legs are giving him a hard time, but we work with him and he is doing great. He is still a licker and greets everyone with kisses. Titus is a great little guy too. He is coming up on birthday eleven on New Year’s day. He is a sweet guy who loves to lay on our laps... switching between the two of us all evening. He is also our little watch dog... sitting on the back of the couch to warn us of anyone in our territory. As always thanks for allowing these little guys to be part of my family!
Titus is my little tough guy... can’t you tell? After all this time I am still glad we were a foster failure! Sometimes you just can’t resist them!

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