Tia and Topanga

Tia and Topanga Adopted 1

Tia and Topanga have been adopted by Debbie and Rick from Dayton, Ohio. The girls have a little (and I mean little) fursister named Kisses to share their new home with! Thanks to Rick and Debbie for opening their heart and home to 2 rescue dogs in need of a forever home!!

Tia and Topanga Adopted 2

They will certainly be missed here at the Barlow house. . . I definitely made a special bond with these 2 little girls, but am so happy that they have a new family and place to call HOME! Tami

Tia and Topanga Adopted 3

** Updates 1/6/12**
Here's the update on how the girls are doing after their first night!

Good morning!
All went well last night except I didn't sleep much. In fact, all the furry kids are STILL asleep! They used the pee pads a couple of times. It was sooo cute, right before we went to bed, I went to find Kisses and saw that Tia and Topanga were on the couch in their blankie, but I didn't see Kisses. Then I found her in the cage, sound asleep! About 1/2 hour after we went to bed, I heard the "jingling" coming closer to the bedroom, then about 2 minutes later Rick picked them both up and put them in the bed with us. It was sooo sweet how they were sleeping. Tia was at the foot under the covers, of course and Topanga was between us on her back with her little paws holding the covers under her chin. Just too cute! They didn't bother me, I had some pretty strong coffee after dinner and plus anxieties of having new pets, so I'm sure that's why I didn't sleep well. It'll get easier as time goes on. We're just loving every little thing about them! Rick just went out and shoveled off some of the back yard. After you left and Rick brought them back into the family foom, they looked for you over by the table where you had been standing, but they were OK. Nothing major. I'm sure you missed them in bed last night, they're good little bed warmers!

** Updates 01/8/13 **
Just wanted to let you know that the girls are doing well. They eat like little piglets! I just got them some more food. Decided to stick to the Iams. They're getting used to being here finally. They've started playing some, too. We bought them a squeak toy and Tia will chase it if I throw it down the hall, but she doesn't like to pick it up. It's all plastic and I think they would prefer something soft and furry. They both sleep with us. Tia likes it with her head uncovered and Topanga wants to be completely covered. Tia has been sleeping on her back. It's sooo cute! She holds the covers down under her chin with her little paws. I love to see that. We get lots of good night kisses! They're a joy to have around and we're starting to get used to having more than 1 pet again. I tell you, if I had the room, I'd have a dozen! We'd need a MUCH bigger bed, though!
What was it you said you still needed to get to us? Something about the microchipping? I haven't made a vet appointment yet. I wanted to get them settled in here, first. Tia has still been doing the "hacking" thing, but not Topanga, except when she eats and that's explainable.(dry food and guzzling don't mix well!) I plan to get them to the vet next week and I'll mention it them. I noticed one time when Tia was running after the toy, she started hacking. It sounds a lot like clearing her throat. S he doesn't do it often, so far, just a few times since they've been here. I am concerned, though. Other than that, they're sweet little angels!

** Updates 01/15/13 **

Tia and Topanga Adopted 4

The girls got new sweaters... Not sure how the photo looks, but the color is actually teal. They have their bellies full and are resting. :)

** Updates 01/26/13 **
The girls are doing fine. Tia is finally playing with the squeek toy we bought. In fact, she just had her 1st bath here a few minutes ago. Topanga is next! Then Kisses. I haven't even had mine! They no longer sleep with us. That was my decision because there just wasn't enough room. They don't seem to mind, though. They usually sleep in the cage. I leave the door open all the time so they don't feel punished. It's sooo cute when we leave then come back. They act like children and it's as if they're saying "did you bring me something"!? So, we're happily greeted at the door or rather they see us pull up in the driveway!
Rick put up a gate outside while it was nice, so they have no way to get out. They don't go out at all now since there's snow on the ground. We're STILL working on Tia's aggressiveness. She's aggressive towards Kisses especially and ALWAYS insists on being the center of attention. Unfortunately, my brother-in-law hasn't been back over since she nipped at him. Not positive that's the reason, but about 90% sure. I don't know. Hopefully he'll make another attempt. Maybe he's just been busy or something. Topanga is very laid back and easy going.... totally opposite of Tia. They're cute together and been playing a lot. Overall....all is good! :)
** Updates 03/16/13 **

Tia and Topanga Adopted 5

Just saying "Hi!" - they're doing great!

** Updates 04/01/13 **
I just wanted to tell you that we are moving. We are moving to Alabama sometime between the first and the middle of May. Rick wants to be closer to his sister near Birmingham. I thought you should know in case you wanted to stop over and visit with the girls. They're sooo much fun and sooo loving! Just a great mixture of sweetness and orneriness! Their social skills are improving, too!

** Updates 04/03/13 **

Tia and Topanga Adopted 7

Tia and Topanga Adopted 8

A cool, new place on TOP of the cage!

** Updates 04/14/13 **
Hi, Tami!
The girls have been soooo good through all this kaos with packing, cleaning and everything else associated with moving. I'm very proud of them! Of course, I NEVER ignore them. If they come to me during whatever I'm doing whether it was painting, cleaning or packing, I stop, pick each one up and hug, kiss, play and even dance when we have music on. Tia likes to dance with you, holding her, of course. Topanga, doesn't seem to care about dancing. It's funny, though. They know when it's time for their green beans, too!

** Updates 05/12/13 **

Tia and Topanga Adopted 11

We are at our new home in Pell City, AL and we are adjusting very well (as long as Mommy and Daddy aren't too far from us!) We have cows across the street from us and we found out that we like to swing! Mommy says we were very good girls during our long 9 hour trip down here. We just had our baths and Frontline, so we're good to go! I was sure to let Mommy know that we don't like to have our nails cut. (Guess that's something the vet will have to do.) You take care and we will, too. Love, T 'n T

Tia and Topanga Adopted 9

Tia and Topanga Adopted 10

** Updates 05/17/13 **
This is Tia and her daddy Rick - way too cute. . .

Tia and Topanga Adopted 12

** Updates 07/23/13 **
Hey! Just saying "Hi!". Things are going very well! They won't let me cut their toenails, though. Almost ate the groomer! I had to help her hold them.

Tia and Topanga Adopted 13

Their favorite spot on the deck!

** Updates 08/07/13 **
They're such good travelers!

Tia and Topanga Adopted 15

** Updates 08/27/13 **
They LOVE laying together in this chair! Too cute!

Tia and Topanga Adopted 16

** Updates 06/05/17 **

Tia and Topanga Adopted 17

Tami, We live in Alabama now, so we won't make it to the PPR Anniversary picnic. Remember that hack that Tia had right after we adopted her and Topanga? Well, she has collapsing trachea syndrome. I just knew something was wrong with her! She does OK, most of the time, but when she gets excited, that's when she starts hacking. We have to try to keep her calm. Not an easy task! Topanga is fine and they're both spoiled rotten!
They're waiting for their next bite of strawberry! LOL They have an afternoon snack of unsalted green beans and peeled apple bites, an early evening snack of about 4 bites of banana and about 4 bites of strawberries, then a bedtime snack of a couple of bites of mandarin orange. Of course, they have their regular dog food for breakfast and dinner. No, they're not spoiled at all! LOL