Hi Janice,
We had our first Theo story within half an hour of your departure. We realized that the house had suddenly gotten quieter...Yena went upstairs and there was Theo, complaining, trying to climb back UP the sides of the master bath tub -- he'd gone exploring and gotten stuck!
Everyone's raving how cute he is, and Yena is over the moon, right now they're both asleep, exhausted.
Thank you again for all of the time and trouble you took with him.
Dear Janice,
Theo has been a very good dog for our family. One of the good things is that he has learned how to stay. Once when I said stay to him went somewhere, and when I came back, he was in the same place!
He is also afraid of towels but I don't know why. I think he likes meeting other dogs, and people. Also a couple minutes after you left, he climbed into my bathtub, and got stuck.
So I think we will enjoy having him, and he turned into a lap dog especially when my mom tries to work on the computer. Thanks!