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Teddy has gone to his forever home with the Maddela family from Mason, OH. I cried a little, but I know he's with such a great family who will love him.  Once they came to my house to pick him up tonight and saw how active he was with my Coda, they mentioned how they were thinking about fostering a dog once they were all settled in with Teddy (so he would have a playmate!)  So that would be neat!
More upates to come!
** Updates 02/19/11 **
Hi Lauren, we just want to let you know that Teddy is wonderful and we are having lots of fun with him! We are also getting a fence for him.
** Updates 02/23/11 **
Hi Lauren! Teddy has only been here for 3 full days and he's put on some weight for us. =) We got him all checked out at the vet and everything! He's pretty rambunctious... he's been eating mom's plants! He starts puppy school tomorrow! Yep, he is very healthy! The obedience school is so he will listen to mom... he only listens to me. He knows mom and dad are pushovers! And he looooves Raga [younger sister]... Yesterday she was sitting on the floor in front of the sofa and he sat in the sofa behind her and licked her hair and sniffed her for 15 min or so...funniest/cutest thing I've seen!
The Maddelas

** Updates 03/01/11 **
Teddy is now about 11 pounds!

Teddy1111 Adopted 2

** Updated Picture 03/15/11 **

Teddy1111 Adopted 3

** Updates 04/11/11 **
Teddy has gained two solid lbs and grew longer and taller! He is almost completely potty trained and we are getting our fence within another month so he can run, jump & play all summer. He also looooves the little kids in the neighborhood. :)

** Updated Picture 04/13/11 **

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** Updates 05/25/11 **
Lauren...Teddy is 13 lbs of solid muscle now. His favorite snacks are steamed carrots and plain yogurt...he's grown up into quite the studmuffin! His hair is becoming lighter too!

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** Updates 06/03/11 **
Hey Lauren! Here is another portrait of Teddy...he was getting ready to nap here. :) He is such a good boy! His puppy antics have disappeared and he's becoming more of a lap dog with each passing day...it's awesome!

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** Updates 08/05/11 **
Teddy is around 15 lbs now. He is happy and healthy! He is such a handsome boy and we are convinced he has the best life ever.... I am leaving for grad school in less than 2 weeks so I will pass on your number to my sister and have her update you from time to time. :D He has gotten about four to five inches taller and his paws got bigger. He is also a sock thief and has a hoarding problem :D He has a special stash of 13 socks! We keep him on a grain-free and fish based diet and we give him plenty of raw veggies.... he loves them! Also homemade plain yogurt and watermelon are his fav snacks... I think it's all the good food and plenty of play he gets that helped him grow or something! We think he was actually pretty young (8 or 9 months?) when we brought him home because he grew so much so fast! He is also a mama's boy.... it's precious! Raga and I literally treat him like a baby brother we never had and my parents refer to him as their son.... it's awesome! :) We check the site pretty frequently and we refer people to Puppy Pals all the time.... I want my own dog in another year or so! There are just too many animals without homes....

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** Updates 09/23/11 **
His beautiful coat grew back! You won't believe what a big and handsome boy he is now.... :)

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** Updates 11/02/11 **

Teddy1111 Adopted 9

Trick or Treat!!

** Updates 7/13/12 **
Below is a link to videos - all starring Teddy!! Enjoy!

The Fluffy PomPom