Teddy Adopted 1

It is with very mixed emotions for me to tell you that Teddy has been adopted!! While I am very thrilled he has found a wonderful new home where he will be loved and pampered, it is with great sadness because he has been an extra special pup for us to foster. He will be flying to Edmond, OK this afternoon to start his new life with his new mama. Lory Jones. She and her husband share their gorgeous home with a 6 month old Springer Spaniel named Jonesey so Teddy will have a fur-brother to play and romp with.
Lory and her daughter, Taylor (pictured here) came to our adoption event at Petco on Friday night and Lory fell in love with Teddy. Needless to say, I did some quick calling of references and vet reference to get this adoption approved. As well, Lory had to change her flight and add Teddy as a passenger to make all of this happen, but we did and Teddy is a happy pup. Lory will be sending pictures of the rest of the family upon her return home for our happy tails, but I wanted let you all know PPR now has a dog in Oklahoma.
** Update 08/03/10 **

Teddy Adopted 2

Here is a picture of Teddy with his owner. He is now living with the daughter and son-in-law of the lady who adopted him because she is home regularly by herself as her husband travels with his job. Because the entire family fell in love with him, her daughter begged to be able to keep him at her house since she is alone so much and her mom, Lory Jones, finally gave in and has allowed her daughter to "adopt" Teddy for her own. He looks so happy and they all love him...........it doesn't get any better than this for a rescue dog.
** Updates 11/29/10 **
Teddy's all good! In fact we just babysat over the long weekend. Taylor was in town and wanted him to stay over. He's back home now with his mom and dad. A little spoiled but still pretty cute! Lory