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I am happy to say that Taz was adopted tonight, May 14, by Jean and Brian Lundquist and their 2 daughters Megan and Briana. Taz will now reside in Loveland, Ohio and will be one spoiled and very loved little boy.  Jean plans on taking Taz to obedience classes to help train him to be a therapy dog.  If he passes training classes, she plans on taking him into work with her and help with occupational therapy.  Jean works with students who are medically fragile (ages range 12-22). Her students are wheelchair bound and have limited muscle function. But despite that, she says, they light up when the Delta trained therapy dogs come to visit. She wanted  a dog that is small in size and that can come to work with her, curl up in a student's lap, and enjoy being loved and petted.
I will certainly miss that little guy, but I am so happy he now has his very own place and family to call home. . . Thanks to the Lundquist family for adopting a rescue dog in need of a forever home!

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** Updates 05/15/13**
Tami, Taz is doing well. . . He is curled up in Briana's lap and snoring. He did well last night.  Drank 1/2 bowl of water in the evening, woke me up at 2:45, led me to front door - I took him outside, he relieved himself. :)  He is adjusting well. Meg and Bri are at home with him now.  I am sure he is entertaining them. He LOVES the big blue stuffed toy you gave him.

** Updates 05/21/13**

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Hi Tami,
Taz is the most awesome dog. He loves taking walks on the Little Miami Bike Trail. We took along our doggie backpack and let him ride when he got tired. He insisted on poking his head out the top, but didn't resist being in the backpack. He is learning how to "park it" (sit) on command. Thanks for rescuing Taz.
We will keep in touch. Jean

** Updates 06/18/13**

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Well, I can officially say that TAZ is on his way to his new forever home. Taz was adopted back on May 17th, then he came back here on May 30th for a 3 week stay while his family went on an already planned vacation. But, they have picked him up and now he is on his way to start his new life with his new family... so happy  that TAZ now has a new family and a place to call home - yay for TAZ!! 

** Updates 01/22/14**
Hi Tami,
We are busy as usual. Taz is great. He completed his basic obedience training at Circle Tail and we continue to go twice a month for refresher sessions. He loves romping in the snow and walks on the Little Miami Bike Trail. When the temperature is too cold for him, he enjoys wearing his boots to go outside. After playing outside, he loves snuggling on the couch.
Taz is up to 10 pounds now. I think it is all muscle as he still feels thin to me. But, our vet is pleased and doesn't want him to gain any more weight. We keep an eye on his weight as we don't want to over burden his left hip. He is very healthy and lively. Loves carrots or sweet potatoes to snack on occasionally.

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