Sammy (formerly Taz)

THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU !!!!! He is the sweetest dog in the world. He is doing very well thanks to you. He hasn't barked yet. He slept in bed with me and didn't get up all night. The neighbors all love him. One of his new friends is named Sammie. When his person calls Sammie, Taz responds. I think he may be a Sammie.
He has gone for three long walks. He pee'd in the house but that is to be expected with all the changes he has gone through. I am very good at cleaning pee ! I think it is my gift ! One of the cats is okay with him, but the two year old cat has been hiding. She is afraid of everything but, she will love her new brother.
You have given me the best mother's day gift I could ever receive. I hope you have a wonderful Mother's Day. You truly deserve it.
love, Barb


Hi Linda,
How are you? We are having a wonderful time. Taz is officially Sammy, he comes every time I call him. He has gained a lb. and has had his stitches taken out, he was very good. His favorite things are your beds (they are like toys to him, what a creative idea) and your cookies.
He is teething now and has lots of chew toys and he likes Pedigree Jumbo bones. He is learning to go potty outside but he doesn't pee at all on walks. We have walked a mile each day (almost).
He is a fast learner. He has several friends, his best friend is a 5 month old poodle named Cole, they are the same size and chase each other in the back yard until they collapse. He loves chasing the cats, they are getting along just fine.
We intend to come for a visit to an event on your calendar. We just have been so busy getting to know and love each other.
I hope you have a wonderful weekend,
love, Barb & Sammy