Tania1214 Adopted 1

It is with great joy I announce that Tania has finally found her home! During her 9 month stay in Puppy Pals, our group really grew attached to Tania. It was really hard to think about someone adopting her and how much she would be missed. However, when I talked to her new Mom, Joan, I knew instantly that this was the perfect home for Tania.
Joan was really looking for a companion to sit on her lap, go on walks, and play with her great gradkids. Tania was the perfect dog for her. Joan fell in love with Tania and Tania fell in love with Joan. She immediately becam accustomed to her new life full of lots of belly rubs and long walks on her Mom's large piece of land. The great grandkids can't get enough of her either. She now has a 15 year old fur brother named Happy (black dog in picture) and she has already learned to stay away from his food bowl. However... sometimes she can't help herself and has to try to sneak a piece of Happy's food when he is not looking. Tania never knew how good life could be until she moved to Zanesville, OH.

** Updates 06/26/13**

Tania1214 Adopted 2

I now have an Ipod so I can send pictures! This is Tanya after her haircut. She has been doing great here in Zanesville and loves the great grand kids!

Tania1214 Adopted 3