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Hi All, Just wanted you all to know that Tally is on her way to her new forever home. Tally is now a member of the Rhonda & Billy Mason family from Hillsboro, Ohio.

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Rhonda & Billy had been up once to meet Tally while she was under-going treatment and fell in love with her. I requested that we wait until we knew Tally was heart-worm free before proceeding with an adoption. Tally was tested on June 1 to be completely heart-worm free and now has a new life.

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Rhonda is in rescue and volunteers at shelters, etc. in counties around Hillsboro. It would be great if she'd continue joining us someday - but, she's saving lives and keeping busy doing God's work -- so that's good! Tally will have a wonderful home and lots of love. Tally's momma has a big heart for the needy dogs of the world -- so Tally will be in good hands.

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The house feels empty without Tally -- I look forward to lots of updates.

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** Updates 06/10/11 **
Everyone's tail is wagging this morning. We have a dog couch I ordered to match our couch and Tally just loves that couch. She is so good and quiet - not like my dogs, LOL. She slept in the bedroom last night without a peep. My dogs are used to pound dogs coming and going - I figured it would not take long. It's the sitting in my lap issue. They just have to learn to share. I'll give you an update next week.
Thanks again. Rhonda

** Updates 06/19/11 **
Here are pics of Tally. She would not smile due to the flash. She is doing wonderfully! My min pin has gotten over the fact she has to share me. You don't even know Tally is here - that is how good she is. Also, she is now toothless. They could not save any. All 11 had to go but, she did not even seem to care a bit. She still eats fine - and her breath is so much better. So, it looks like she is a keeper.
Thanks again so much. Rhonda

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