Just wanted to let everyone know that Stanley has found his forever home in Centerville, Ohio with Larry and Dee Schweikart. He is going to be one spoiled pup! Stanley is living in a beautiful home on Yankee Trace golf course and had won the hearts of his new mom and dad before we left their home. Dee is a walker and bicylist and already planning on giving Stanley lots of excerise. Will send pictures soon.

** Updates 04/22/11 **
Whew. It’s been non stop. He has so much energy. We walked him last night---he’s not great on a leash, but better with one person. Not a sniffer. Played a lot last night. He went right to sleep, but when I got up at 5:30, he was up and at em! We played fetch for 45 minutes before he crawled in my lap for a nap. Dee took him for another walk today and he did better with one person. He doesn’t eat much---was that your experience? He didn’t like the high-end food at all, grazed on the kibble with gravy, ate ok on the low-residue food we still had from Yankee. He does like treats. Above all, he likes attention, which is great. Yankee really didn’t like to be loved on, or held. Stan climbs up in my lap, loves his belly rubbed. He’ll be terrific.

** Updates 04/24/11 **
Laura, Stanley is fitting in perfectly. What a cuddle dog---despite his enormously long legs. He’s just a big baby and I’m guessing he really likes not having to compete with other doggies for affection. He had one moment when we opened the house door and had the garage door going up and he bolted, but was intercepted by “Spunky,” a crazy dog in the next platte who almost never walks here. Spunky slowed down Stanley enough we could get him on leash, but we learned our lesson about always keeping the garage door down until he’s on a leash. That’s probably how he came to you in the first place.
I’ll get some pictures this afternoon. Larry