Sophia Adopted 1

Pictured here is little Coco which originally was PPR's - Sophia. She is now a Klopfenstein doggie - and a not a yorkie?????? We named her after her PPR momma KOKO who came into PPR with her 6 puppies of which one still remains Ramsey (on website).
To make along story short -- I guess your never too old or been in rescue for as many years as I have .... to still fail "Fostering 101". However, we are calling Coco - our grand-puppy. As is was our son, Kyle, and Lauren, his girlfriend who truly fell in love with her; and hopefully someday will take temporary custody of her if they have a future together? No way - is she leaving here ... she's quite a character. Her favorite spot is playing inside her toy box! However, she can get everyone of those toys out of there and have them spread throughout the house - in 5 minutes! She is quite entertaining! Keeping up with her is my aerobic exercise.

Sophia Adopted 2

** Updates 01/09/13**

Sophia Adopted 3

Coco, the "Mud Queen"