Snowball1258 Adopted 1

Snowball was united with his new owner, Chester, from Toledo, Ohio. To say Snowball will be spoiled is an understatement. When it finally sunk into Chester that Snowball was his, he could hardly hold his excitement - repeating "Oh my gosh, I can't believe this!" The two of them instantly bonded. She will become Chester's new BFF. Chester has been lonely since the loss of his wife and then beloved poodle Pepper. Snowball has now filled that hole in his heart. Snowball now lives on a large lot of land with a huge fenced-in area for her to run around and jump. She will enjoy 2 walks a day and unlimited attention. She already has a giant box of toys to play with. There is no doubt these two were a match made in heaven!
Attached are pictures of Snowball with Chester and his daughter, Carrie. (Did I mention they adopted my Alli too?)

Snowball1258 Adopted 2