Snickers1259 Adopted 1

Our happy boy Snickers was adopted on February 1 by the Morgans and is now a resident of Vandalia, Ohio.

Snickers1259 Adopted 2

It's hard to guess which is happier - the Morgans or Snickers! He's getting the royal treatment - getting plenty of toys, a coat, and sleeping in the master bed!

** Updates 02/02/13**
Good Morning Russ and Linda,
I just wanted to give you an update on Snickers on his first night with us.  He was just amazing.  We played and played last night.  I had bought him a ball that he adores.   He loves to throw it in the air and brings it to James and I.  He has a lot of room to run and play.
He has pottied in his new backyard this morning for the first time.  He did pee outside last night but didn't poo until this morning. 
He slept in a Kings size bed all night with James and I.   We do have him a crate with a bed inside of it and we are getting him used to that a little at a time.  I have put his toys in it and he goes in and gets his toys out and I always put a treat in there as well and he gets his treat.   Then he went inside the crate on his own last night and layed down for awhile on the bed inside of it.
He is just amazing and so very smart. We just love him already !!!  I will keep you posted with updates.
Thank you so much for allowing us to adopt Snickers.

** Updates 02/08/13**
Here are some pictures of the happy guy at his new home. They love him to pieces.
Mrs. Morgan called yesterday and is interested in getting another yorkie from us to be Snickers' playmate.

Snickers1259 Adopted 3

Snickers1259 Adopted 4

Hi Russ,
Here are two pictures of Snickers I took yesterday outside with his Daddy James. I was finally able to get his pictures with his little ears standing up.
He is such a happy little boy. Hope you enjoy the pictures !!!

** Updates 05/15/13**

Hershey1311 Adopted 1

We are please to say that Hershey (In pictures, he's the one with the ball) has been adopted by the Morgans in Vandalia.

Hershey1311 Adopted 2

They adopted Snickers from us in early February 2013 and wanted to get him a playmate - and we found Hershey. The moment I saw Hershey at the Animal Resource Center, I knew he was meant to be Snickers' new brother.

Hershey1311 Adopted 3

To say they are being spoiled rotten is an understatement.

Hershey1311 Adopted 4

Hershey1311 Adopted 5

Hershey1311 Adopted 6

Hershey1311 Adopted 7