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Tonight Snickers has been happily adopted by Bambi and Jim Stidham of Hamilton Ohio.

Snickers1220 Adopted 2

Snickers will be one spoiled little boy. The Stidham's had 3 boxers that they so dearly loved but have crossed over the rainbow bridge, so they have opened their heart and home and RV to one of our rescue dogs. I have a no doubt that there will be lots of room in their hearts (and their bed) for little Snickers. He has a big fenced back yard to run around in and an RV to travel in when they go on trips.

Snickers1220 Adopted 3

I have also included a picture of Snickers before we left for his new forever home, he just looked way to cute not to take a picture (I told you Laura... the dogs just love that blanket, I never get to use it... lol!)
I will certainly miss little Snickers - he was a JOY to foster!! Tami

** Updates 4/10/12**
Just heard from Snickers new family and they said he was doing great! He had a little bit of a rough night with their mirrored closet doors... didn't seem to recognize the little dog looking back at him and was growling and barking... lol.... but then he did settle down. He has become both Jim and Bambi's shadow and is loving the patio door and chair looking out at the birds... and chasing them when he gets out in the back yard... and all the toys they bought for him, especially his new monkey toy! Bambi said it so right "that we haven't stop smiling since he got here" OMG!

** Updates 4/12/12**
Hi Tami,
Snickers could not be any better. He has had no problem adapting to his new home. We are tickled to death with him. He has had a few incidents with his toilet traing, but he seems to be doing better with that also. Snickers is exactly what Bambi wanted in a dog... he follows her around and will lay in her lap whenever she sits down. Thanks again.
Jim Stidham

** Updates 4/14/12**
Snickers is adapting well to everything we throw at him. We took our first camping trip with him and Snickers loves the outdoors. Here are a couple of pictures...

Snickers1220 Adopted 4

Snickers1220 Adopted 5

** Updates 10/15/12**

Snickers1220 Adopted 6

Hi Tami,
Snickers has worked out perfectly for our family. Bambi has a shadow now everywhere she moves. She has become very attached to her new best friend. We went camping last week at Hueston Woods State Park during their Halloween event and Snickers seemed to really enjoy himself. Bambi and Snickers both wore pumpkin outfits for their costumes. I have enclosed a picture of them. Thanks again for sending Snickers to our home.
Jim and Bambi Stidham