Skylar Adopted 1

Hi Everyone! Meet the newest addition to our family! He's been here for 3 hours and is already fitting in nicely. The girls love him and he loves them!!! Layla is adjusting pretty well and I think she and her new brother, Skylar, will be best friends in no time! Hope you can meet him soon!

Skylar Adopted 2

Skylar Adopted 3

Skylar Adopted 4

** Update 05/11/10 **
Hi Russ!
You're not getting him back! Hahaha. He's doing great. He is the most affectionate puppy I have ever seen! He has definitely made himself MY dog, but he loves my girls too. He sleeps with us every night, usually curled up in the crook of my arm. He and Layla are getting along a lot better and love to play and chase each other. He's also gaining a little weight. He likes to eat! It certainly did not take long for him to become part of the family!
Thank you so much for giving us this opportunity. He's angel and I'm so glad we adopted him!
Thanks! Mandy