Skippy1142 Adopted 1

I get the pleasure of letting everyone know that Skippy has been adopted! Sonia Arora and her husband and son, have opened their hearts and home to Skippy. This is a new experience for them and I know Skippy will be loved. My family really enjoyed having Skippy and it was harder than we thought it was going to be to say good-bye, but I know he will be very happy with his new family. Sonia will be sending pictures soon and I will post them as soon as I receive them. A Huge Thank You to Janice for helping to finalize what I hope will be the first of many happy endings my family and I get to be involved in.

** Updates 6/28/12**
Skippy is doing very well! Especially with my husband, who was initially hesitant because he had never had a pet. He is on-board now! :)