Tenzing (formerly Sissy)

Sissy Adopted 1

Hello Janice, Alicia, and Linda.
Just a quick note with some pictures to say thank you so much for allowing us to adopt, and taking such great care of Sissy. She does have a new name now, Tenzing (Ten, or Teny for short).
She is getting settled into her new home a lot quicker than we thought she would, and seems to be having fun (attempting) playing with her new brother Orwell. He is still a little nervous to play with her but is warming to her more and more each day.

Sissy Adopted 2

She's done really well on a lead going for walks, and did great in her first car ride this morning to the pet store where her and Orwell were getting spoiled. Our cat Seuss has, so far, been an observer of the new family member.
Thanks again, and I hope the festivities went well today. Sorry we couldn't make it.
Sian and I will send out some more pictures, and much better, pictures very soon.
Myke and Sian Lewis

Sissy Adopted 3