Simon Adopted 1

Simon is giving us his best smile because he has found his forever home in Powell, Ohio with Marcia and Allan McLane. Simon is pictured here sitting on his new mama's lap along with Beau, a dog they sit for occasionally. As usual, Simon was just the best dog.............he immediately gave them kisses and wiggled his bottom with all the happiness he could muster. He will be one spoiled pup and get to take long walks and share time with all the other doggies in his neighborhood!!!
** Updates 09/02/10 **
Things are going very well aside from the fact that he nearly drove Beau nuts until late evening! Then his fascination waned and Beau was quite relieved! We had a very calm night’s sleep, too. Cody is such a sweetheart of a dog. He has already started playing fetch along with Beau. I don’t think it’s going to take him long to learn how to play! My husband works part-time from home and Cody has taken it upon himself to sleep on his lap when he works at the computer.
Thanks for bringing him into our lives!