Sidney - now Holly!!

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Hi all,
After a very busy and productive day... and many hours on the road for travel... I am happy to say that Sidney has found her new forever home. Sidney will now be living in Arlington Heights, Il. where she will be very much spoiled and very much loved by the Swanson family.

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This was certainly a group effort ... thank you to Linda, Russ & Cate for their part in making this adoption happen.
Sidney's new family promises me that they will send pictures and updates stay tuned.
Thanks, Tami

** Updates **
Hi Tami,
Sidney did great all the way home. We stopped several times so she could get out and walk. She slept on my oldest almost all the way back.
When we got home, I started opening a can of green beans and she went nuts. It's was hysterical!!! She knew exactly what I was doing. We took her for a long walk and now she's playing with her new toys. Funny enough, she's already destroyed one of them. LOL
She's now relaxing in her pink, black and white bed.
Thanks for all the help and I'll send pictures tomorrow. Cindy

** Updates 09/17/11 **
Hi Tami,
We decided to rename Sidney. Her new name is Holly and she’s doing pretty good with that name. Sidney was too close to my name – Cindy. LOL
She’s doing great and getting very very spoiled!! She sleeps with either me or my oldest daughter and simply loves to be held or simply petted. We’ve only crated her twice in the last 10 days and she’s been fine both times. She gets plenty of exercise. I take her for a walk around 6:00 a.m. each day, then my girls take her out 4 times during the day, I take her out when I get home and again before we go to bed. We generally take 15-20 minute walks each time. I’m amazed at how good she is on the leash and how quickly she learned where we live. We can drop the leash 3-4 houses away and she knows exactly where to go. She loves everyone who comes into the house and definitely does NOT care for other dogs!!!
The Vet visit went very well. He did take her off the oral steroids as he said he could damage her organs. Instead she will be receiving a shot once every 2 weeks. He’s hopeful that the itching is simply allergies and will end once the weather turns cooler.
I mentioned to him how mellow she is and he thought she might have an under active thyroid. But he didn’t feel testing was warranted at that time but we will keep an eye on her and since she has to go in every 2 weeks for her shot he’ll keep checking to make sure she’s healthy.
We absolutely love this little girl. She cracks us up because she loves to play with her toys and “growls” when playing but she’s very gentle. She can jump very high – almost like a jack rabbit. She loves being held like a baby – on her back with her tummy showing – at which point she gets her tummy rubbed constantly and actually falls asleep like that. Too cute.
I would love to know her background. I would guess at one time she was probably hit because she always rolls over when we go to pet her. We’re trying hard to teach her she won’t be hurt so when we go to pet her we reach under her chin and pull her head up and praise her!!! I think she’s getting better at that. Wish I could read her mind though!
She’s the most mellow dog I’ve ever seen and fits perfectly into our lives. By all accounts I believe she is quite happy and very spoiled.

** Updates 10/20/11 **
Here's a new picture of Holly with her new momma... they are on their way to her daughter's soccer game.

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Holly is a very spoiled but very loved little girl and I was also informed by her momma, that Holly will be a Lady Bug for Halloween!

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** Updates 1/30/12 **

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Holly has her own special blanket. It’s warm and fuzzy. We love her so much!!