Shamus1116 Adopted 1c

So far Shamus has been a great fit in our home - completely house-broken, likes walks with both of us, friendly with other dogs we meet, regardless of size or breed, barking not a problem, loves playing with his toys, eating well, active, seems very happy!

Shamus1116 Adopted 3

When one of us leaves the house, he goes right to the other - but constantly is being alert for the departed one to return.

Shamus1116 Adopted 4

We, and no one we know, could ever imagine us with a 'Peke', but here he is, and here we are, and it really appears to be a great match.

Shamus1116 Adopted 5b

We're proud of him, and he seems 'proud' of us - what more could you ask? Hope to keep sending 'good' updates and pictures!

Shamus1116 Adopted 6b

Keep up the good work! Until next time - Shirley & Jack Lince

Shamus1116 Adopted 7