Shaggy Adopted 1

First, he was just the right size and then he had the perfect name. Shaggy was one lucky boy on Monday August 31, 2010. That's when Helen, Adam, Charlie & Kate Wallace decided he was just the boy they were looking for. He lives in Centerville, Ohio now with the Wallace's and his two new fur siblings, Buddy and Nala. He will have a wonderful life growing up with his human siblings!
** Update 09/02/10 **
Shaggy is doing great! He is really settling in, and he and Nala had a good tug of war over some toys this morning, so I think they will be just fine. He has only messed in the house twice, so potty training is going well (his crate has been dry each morning). We are off to a wonderful start, and he fits into our family beautifully (and boisterously, but that suits us)! Thanks so much for all your efforts! We love him already.
Helen, Adam, Charlie and Kate Wallace

** Update 10/07/10 **

shaggy2 adopted

Shaggy is doing great! We love him. Thanks again!
Helen, Adam, Charlie and Kate Wallace
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