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Serena has been adopted by Raelene Hill from Delaware, Ohio. Serena's new momma knew she was the pup for her and waited patiently for her to recover from her jaw repair. She was adopted the first weekend in February.
Serena is the sweetest little girl and now she has a wonderful new momma.
Russ and Linda

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** Updates 02/06/13**
Who said a old lab won't allow a 4 lb yorkie to be his bodyguard. They are best buddies!

Serena1260 Adopted 3

Serena with her new fur-brother!

** Updates 04/02/13**
Serena... our girl with the broken jaw.

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** Updates 05/26/13**

Serena1260 Adopted 4

Serena - updated picture from Raelene. You would never know the pain Serena went through with a broken jaw. She is now a Yorkie diva!

** Updates 08/02/13**
Just wanted to drop a quick line to you and let you know that Serena continues to be so fabulous!!! She's such a cutie pie and we love more each day. She has developed a little diva attitude that is quite entertaining. Her wardrobe continues to grow and she now has moved up to having her own drawer! Thanks again for having such a wonderful rescue. We would like to come and visit sometime!
Raelene Hill and Serena

** Updates 04/23/14**

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With big brother... on our way to grandma's house for the Easter egg hunt!

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It was a good Easter! This little egg is tired!

** Updates 07/05/14**

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** Updates 09/12/15**
Miss you guys!!! Serena says hi!!!

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