Hi Everyone. Just wanted you all to know that our long-timer foster, Scruffy, was finally adopted. I'm not sure which one of us misses the other more... I do know that when I returned home and walked into the laundry room this evening and his smiling face wasn't there to greet me - it seemed very strange. I know he'll be loved - and will get more attention at his new home. I'm sure Scruffy (and I) will adjust to the change. We fostered Scruffy over a year!

Scruffy Adopted 4

Pictured here is Scruffy with his new family ---- Vicky & Chad with one of his fur-sisters, Zoey. Scruffy is on the right (Yorkie). He also has a little Yorkie mill sister too. The family resides in Cincinnati.

** Update 10/02/10 **
He's doing great! I'll keep you updated:-) Vicky

Scruffy Adopted 1

Scruffy Adopted 2

Scruffy Adopted 3

** Update 10/06/10 **

Just wanted to let you know he's doing great and to share some pics:) My favorite is the one where he's snuggling with his grandma. The last one he's eating some ice cream:-) Thank you!!! Vicky

Scruffy Adopted 5

Scruffy Adopted 8

Scruffy Adopted 7

Scruffy Adopted 6

** Update 09/06/10 **
Scruffy loves his comforts!

Scruffy Adopted 9

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