Toby (formerly Scamp)

Scamp Adopted 1

Hello from CT,
want to give you an update on Scamp now that he has been here a few days. He did really well on the trip home. Slept on our laps and ate his supper out of my hand on Monday evening and did well at the hotel. We arrived home about 4:30PM on Tuesday and he was greeted politely by the cats (which surprised the heck out of us).
They are eating next to each other now and sharing a water dish. He spent a lot of time exploring the house and has found his favorite spots to sleep. He's had a couple of accidents in the house, but during the day he is going from door to door to let us know he needs to go out. The weather here has been absolutely gorgeous, warmer than usual for this time of year, so we've had the door open onto the deck and he can go in and out there as he pleases (of course, he pooped out there twice before I recognized why he was prancing so much). We're both learning.
Doing much better on the leash, especially since I got him a new collar. We went for a walk down the path into the woods and he managed to fall off a rock into the brook (only a couple of inches deep) and it didn't seem to phase him a bit. Each day he becomes more inquisitive and daring to come to where we are and see what we are doing. Yesterday and today he has let us get close enough to touch him without too much shying away or creeping on our parts and allows the leash to be put on and comes without fighting it.
And of course he just loves being petted and brushed and has enjoyed watching Red Sox games while laying on the couch, snuggled in between the two of us and in his glory. We are so enjoying getting to know him better and watching his charming personality come out. He is so willing to go with the flow and really seems to be settling in here and beginning to trust us.
As crazy as it sounds to people when we tell them we went to Ohio to pick up a dog we had never met....we are soooo glad we did. He's an angel and we love him.
Thanks for all of your help in connecting us with Scamp....and thanks for all that you do for all the dogs you come across. You are all angels too.
We'll keep you updated on how we're all doing. Thanks again and blessings to all of you.
Mary and Ed

Scamp Adopted 2

** Update 02/21/09 **

Scamp Adopted 3

Hi Pat, I know it's been a long time since we've been in touch.
I want to give you an up date on our guy... we changed his name to Toby shortly after he arrived here... we kept calling him Scruffy instead of Scamp... so decided a total change would be easier for all of us.

Scamp Adopted 4

He is still a bit timid at times, but doing 100% better than before. He has been hiking, camping, canoeing and snowshoeing. I think he loves camping because he gets all of our undivided attention, more than he sometimes gets at home. When we've gone snowshoeing he hops along in our tracks and sits or stands on the back of our snowshoes when we stop.
He loves the snow... playing and running in it and eating it. He's been happy this winter... we've had lots of snow. I took some pictures today... he had just come home from the groomers and looks quite handsome.

Scamp Adopted 5

The picture of him with his face full of snow was taken when we finished snowshoeing up in Maine.
He spends a good part of his day overseeing the house from his perch up on the balcony over the kitchen. In the evenings he is down with us.

Scamp Adopted 6

We just love him to pieces and are so glad we came all the way to Ohio to meet him and bring him home. Hope all is well with you and your full house.
Take care, Mary & Ed Baranski and Toby

Scamp Adopted 7