Sasha - now Chewey!

Sasha1085 Adopted 1

Sasha was adopted by Mike and Jen of Baltimore, Md. Sasha is now called Chewey and is adjusting well to her new home. She loves lounging around the condo, spending time outside (on the warm days) and going on walks around the duck pond. Spoiled rotten, Chewey is enjoying the good life sleeping on her humans's bed at night, an endless supply of Dingos and of course lots of loving! Chewey enjoys playing tug-of-war with her soft ball toys (crocheted by PPR). She is also being trained to be a Buckeye and Raven fan. She loves to show off her team bandannas on her walks.

** Updated Pictures 10/10/12**

Sasha1085 Adopted 2

Sasha1085 Adopted 3

Sasha1085 Adopted 4