Sampson Adopted 1

Hi Linda,
I thought I would ease your mind a bit on Sampson and my daughter!
You would not believe, he chose to sleep with her on his own!! They are best buds, and the monster (Hank) and he are best buds too! They played and played in the back yard for about 2 hours. Now everyone is sacked out for the night and we all could not be happier!
I could not Thank you more for giving my daughter and our family a chance with Sampson, and I believe he has adopted us as his forever family.
Florence and the rest of the family

Sampson Adopted 2

** Update 5/27/09 **

Sampson Adopted 3

Hi Janice,
I am sure you remember many e-mails in regards to a touch and go situation with Sampson's adoption! I am pleased to say, he has adjusted very well:-) He is a spoiled rotten child that is one of the bosses of the house.
He loves his new wardrobe and enjoys showing houses with me on a daily basis (I am a Realtor). There is even talk of him becoming a mascot for the gymnastic team that I coach two days a week.

Sampson Adopted 4

His big brother Hank (a 7month old golden retriever/yellow lab mix) is learning that small things are very loud and bossy. My daughter who is 4 loves him very much and watches over him like a mother hen.
Sampson has gotten into his head he is the protector of all and is especially protective of me.
I have attached some pics of him for you all to post. Anytime you need some please just ask, WE HAVE PLENTY!!
Best Regards,
The Calverts

Sampson Adopted 5