Most of you didn't get to meet little Sally. We were waiting a few weeks before posting her on website - until we could evaluate her health and know what her needs were.
Sally was a little old Shih Tzu down in Louisville, KY area. Her new mom found her wandering the street and took her in and provided excellent medical care for her and then contacted another rescue who referred her to PPR. Pat didn't think that she could provide for her since she worked full-time. I tried to convince her to keep her - that we all (or most of us) work...
Pat drove her up a few weeks ago once Sally was strong enough to travel. Sally has eye problems and had a cough and was on several different meds (some she'll be on forever for her dry eye). Sally also had a difficult time walking and her back right hip just didn't work - might be arthritis setting in or an old injury.

Due to all her needs - I contacted Janice P. as she had more time to work with Sally. Janice came over and took her home for a few weeks and then... I picked up Sally again - because Pat decided that she couldn't live without her and drove back to pick her up. I'm glad because these two belong together. Pat truly loves this little angel.
Janice, you did an amazing job with Sally - she put on weight and her eyes looked great! She was ready to meet her mom in one of Nydra's original dresses and Pat could hardly get over how great she looked.
Congratulations to Pat & Sally.

I sent Janice a thank you, Sally is SO ALERT AND AWARE. She follows us all around the house, doesn't sleep half as much, really wants to communicate, and has become a princess. She is a cherished part of our family. Thank you for everything you did for Sally.