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Hi all, I just wanted to let you know that our sweet little Rufus was adopted today by Meghan Tomczak and her family and his new fursister Sadie. Rufus will now reside in Columbus, Ohio with his new family where he will be very much loved and spoiled. I will miss him very much as he touch my heart in a special way. Many thanks to the Tomczak family for opening their heart and home to a rescue dog in need!

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Meghan has assured me that she will stay in touch and send lots of pictures and updates on Rufus!

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** Updates 06/15/11 **

Rufus seems really happy so far!!

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Rufus sleeping on my sister's lap.

** Updates 07/02/11 **
Hi Tami,
Hope you are enjoying your 4th of July weekend. Wanted to email you and give you a quick update on Rufus. Things could not be going better!!!!! You would have thought him and Sadie were brother and sister. They are inseparable and just love each other!
Rufus has warmed up to everyone in the house (me, my sister, and mom) but he is having a hard time warming up to my dad. He will not let my dad put the lease on him. He barks at my dad when my dad comes in the house. Very strange. Just wondering how he acted around your husband and your boys and if you have any suggestions how to improve their relationship.
Thanks so much, Meghan

** Updates 08/29/11 **
Hi Tammy!!
I just wanted to send you a few pictures of Rufus.

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I seriously can not imagine my life without him. He has warmed up to my dad also so now he is very, very comfortable with everyone in the house. He sleeps with me every night and follows me around the house. ;) And... his tail NEVER stops wagging. ;)

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I'm sure that he is extremely happy here and he is no longer the timid Rufus I met at your house.

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Thanks again for all the time, effort, and love you put into Rufus.

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With love, Meghan, Rufus' mom

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** Updates 10/30/11 **
Rufus' tail grew completely back! Also, just wanted to send an update and tell you he is doing soooo well here! ;)

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