Roxy Adopted 1

I am happy to say that our sweet little Roxy has been adopted by a wonderful animal loving family, The Archer's from Miamisburg, Ohio. Pictured here is Roxy's new family... Elisha, Nick & Avrey. Roxy also has 2 fur-cat brothers, Mr. Kitty & Dewey. I know that Roxy will be one spoiled and loved little girl. She has a beautiful home with a gorgeous fenced in backyard to run around and play in. Roxy was certainly a joy to foster and will definitely be missed here at the Barlow's. Thank you to the Archers for opening their heart and home to a rescue dog.
Check back for updates. Tami

** Updates 10/23/10 **

Roxy Adopted 3

Hi Tami! Just to let you know... Roxy has settled right in as you can see! The novelty of the new doggie has already worn off for Avrey! They each just go about their business! She had a fun time in the back yard earlier and is now napping. Thanks again for everything! Roxy is already a great little addition to our family! Will send another update soon!
The Archer Family

** Updates 10/28/10 **
Hi Tami! All is well with Miss Roxy! She is getting settled in and we're getting used to each other! She is coming out of her shell a little more each day! She loves her backyard! She likes to ride in my lap in the car. I can tell she is used to going out in the middle of the night because she leaves me a present to find most mornings! LOL! No big deal, she'll get used to not going out at 3am! She is one of the sweetest dogs I've ever met! Her and Avrey are getting along just fine! Roxy usually hangs on the couch being lazy! Avrey loves her but is not overly attentive of her. The newness wore off for Avrey not long after Roxy got here! We are doing great! I was gonna drop you a line this weekend, after our 1st full week together! Thanks again for everything! We just love her so much! Elisha

** Updates 11/17/10 **
Hi Tami! Roxy is such a joy! She loves everybody! Her and her brother cats are working things out! They're still not sure of her but they aren't hiding anymore so that's good! She is a spunky little thing! We got her a baby tennis ball and she is crazy about it! She loves to chase it but doesn't like to bring it back! She likes to hide her treats! She loves to play and chase Avrey! They are doing great with each other! We just love her so very much! Have a great Thanksgiving! The Archer's

** Updates 9/29/11 **
Roxy is absolutely wonderful! We can't believe it's already been almost a year since she came to us! We have all settled into each other effortlessly. She is such a little love and we couldn't be happier that she is in our family! She brings happiness to everyone she meets. Health wise, she is doing wonderfully! No problems at all! Thank you again for the blessing! We all love her so very much!!!
The Archer Family