Rosie Adopted 1

Dear Puppy Pals Rescue,

Just wanted to let you know that Rosie is adjusting well. We've had lots of fun so far! Just got back from PetSmart and she met all kinds of new friends. From regular sized people, to tiny dogs to even a HUGE St. Bernard.

Rosie Adopted 2

She's met lot's of new family too. Cousins, Aunts, Uncles, neighbors. She has managed to wrap each and every one of us around her little paw! We all love her so very much. You've done a wonderful job with her. My husband just keeps repeating himself...'what a good little puppy, she's just such a good little dog!' He's never had a dog before and he's completely won over. It took Rosie all of 2 seconds to do it!

Rosie Adopted 3

She's back under my desk as I type this and I know she having wonderful dreams of her foster Mom! Thank you so much for caring for her. You taught her what a loving family is and I know she'll keep us on our toes.

Rosie Adopted 4


Shauna, John, Andrea and Alison and....


Rosie Adopted 5

**Update Christmas 2008**

Dear Puppy Pals Rescue,

Okay, so one picture is the one we used on the official cards... the other is the one the kids thought we should use.

Can you guess which is which?


Rosie Update 1

Rosie Update 2

** Update 06/10/2009 Rosie is a Teenager! **

Rosie Update 3

Mary Lou,

Here are pictures from today's grooming. Had to snap them quick as she was furiously trying to rid herself of the bows!

Her oldest sister Andrea became an official teen on May 18 and since Rosie was 2 on May 27 that makes her one too!

Oh my, two in the same house! However, we all know hands down, Rosie is still queen teen around here!

Rosie Update 4

**Update Christmas 2010**

How Rosie felt about taking pictures:

Rosie 2a

Rosie 1b

My three girls:

Rosie 3a

**Update Christmas 2011**

Rosie 2011 collage

**Update Christmas 2012**

Rosie 14

Rosie 15

Rosie 16

**Update 5/11/16**

Rosie watching over the yard for her family!

Rosie 17

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